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As recent cyber-attacks and natural disaster events such as Hurricane Sandy have shown, the need for IT disaster recovery preparedness has never been greater.  Yet research shows that less than half of all companies using IT have a disaster recovery plan in place, and even fewer have actually tested their plans to see if they will work as expected.

Clearly there is a need to appreciate the value of disaster recovery planning and testing as well as gain a better of understanding of DR best practices to make preparedness more cost-effective and efficient.

The IT Disaster Recovery Preparedness (DRP) Council has been formed by IT business, government and academic leaders to address these issues.  Our mission is to increase DR Preparedness awareness, and improve DR practices. To help achieve that goal the Council has developed an online IT Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark survey.���� The survey is designed to give business continuity, disaster recovery, compliance audit and risk management professionals a measure of their own preparedness in recovering critical IT systems running in virtual environments.

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  1. Arash Azadegan says:

    Hello: I am unable to send this email through your contact us link… so here it is…Hi: I find your Benchmark Survey quite informative. Can you tell me what your sample size was for the The State of Global

    Disaster Recovery Preparedness ANNUAL REPORT 2014? The report provided does not offer this information.

    best regards,

    Arash Azadegan, PhD

    Rutgers University

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