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Make a commitment to improving your DR plan today

One of the most important lessons from the 2014 Annual Report on the State of Disaster Recovery Preparedness from the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council involves a commitment to taking action—and not accepting the status quo. Based on hundreds of responses from organizations worldwide, the Annual Report offers a few key suggestions for implementing DR best practices so that companies can be much better prepared to recover from outages or disasters.

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Set specific DR metrics and test, refine, and test again

Building a DR plan with detailed objectives and then following through by testing those objectives with planned failures enables an organization to practice their Disaster Recovery Plan and make refinements to improve it. These organizations not only scored well in our benchmark survey, they achieve true confidence in their DR preparedness.

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Global Benchmark Study Reveals 73% of Companies are Unprepared for Disaster Recovery

The Disaster Recovery Preparedness (DRP) Council announced today findings from its 2014 annual benchmark study which show that 73% of respondent organizations worldwide are not taking adequate steps to protect their data and IT systems. According to participants, poor planning, testing and technological deficiencies have led to more than $5M worth of critical applications failure, data center outages and data loss.

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Better Prepared Organizations Implement More Detailed DR Plans

This week I examine why some companies appear to be doing much better at preparing for outages by implementing more detailed DR plans. Results from the survey indicate that the characteristics of a good DR plan are much more than lists of emergency phone numbers built into call trees. Top scoring organizations on the landmark DR Preparedness survey, for example, fully document their disaster recovery plans.

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The good news: Best Practices emerging from DR Preparedness research

Based on DR Preparedness Countil research, some companies seem to be doing much better at preparing for outages and they exhibit certain traits that distinguish them from others who are not doing so well. Here are a few examples of what companies are doing right.

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