Sample Benchmark Results

Get an Immediate DRP Grade

The DRP Benchmark survey consists of 30 questions that query your current IT disaster recovery practices for environments with virtual technology.  Upon completing the survey you will be able to review your responses to all the question and make any changes. You can also download your results in a PDF format report for future reference.  When you submit your answers, you will immediately see a report on screen that displays your grade (A through F) based on your responses measured against best practices.

Online grade larger report

Receive a Follow-Up Email with Link to Your Results Profile

After completing the survey online, you will receive a follow up email with a link to your Results Profile. You can then go to your profile by clicking on the link, scroll through each of the questions, see your response highlighted in orange and be able to compare it with all other responses to the survey.  The sample Results Profile Report question shown here indicates that this organization tests its DR plan twice a year (orange wedge in pie chart, and row highlighted in orange in the response table).  As indicated, this organization falls into the 21.4 percent of participants in the survey that reported testing twice a year. That compares with 32 percent who conduct DR testing weekly, and only 3.6 percent that conduct testing monthly.

Does your company DR test result graph


Here is an example of what your PDF Results Profile Report will look like: Your Benchmark Comparison Report July 2013-

Once you have taken the survey you can repeat it at a later date if you wish to measure your progress against other participants.