Free backup capacity and storage inventory planning tools

Have you ever tried to get a realistic picture of how much storage you’ve got at any point in time and how it’s allocated?  Or been frustrated with running out of backup space and not knowing where you might have stale files, or searched for unused storage capacity that could be utilized? The fact is, most of us don’t have the tools or the time to get an accurate, in-depth picture of our backup capacity and storage environments.

Good news! Two new free tools from Unitrends are now available to make your life a bit easier.  Go to to see what I mean.

  1. The Free Unitrends Backup Capacity Tool gives you a point in time snapshot of all your files to calculate backup sizing requirements.  You get incredible granular level file reports across your data center so that you can make realistic estimates of backup sizes, retentions.  One big advantage of this free tool is that it discovers all your files across multiple storage devices and severs with detailed and summary reports regardless of the Hypervisor you may be using.
  1. The Free Unitrends Storage Inventory Tool displays amazing point in time snapshot views into your current storage capacity and utilization. It covers your entire storage environment to show how your SAN and NAS are allocated, your top 20 servers being underutilized, your top 20 servers over 85% capacity and a lot more.

Both tools automatically generate reports in PPT format so you can impress your management with executive level presentations that help explain and justify your requests for additional backup storage.

I encourage you to check out these free tools for yourself and see how helpful they can be at


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