Highly regulated industries falling short when preparing for disaster recovery

Even Highly Regulated Industries Fail to Sufficiently Prepare for Disaster Recovery

Dismal State of Disaster Recovery Preparedness is Common in Regulated Industries as All Others

Organizations around the globe have recently participated in an online Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark (DRPB) Survey created by the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council that launched this summer. This survey is designed to give business continuity, disaster recovery, compliance audit and risk management professionals a measure of their own preparedness in recovering critical IT systems running in virtual environments.

Preliminary findings from the survey indicate that organizations in highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare and government, fail to make the grade for disaster recovery preparedness. In spite of strict regulations, these organizations do not appear to be better prepared than others to recover critical IT systems in the event of a disaster.

Download the full release: DR_Benchmark_industry_results_PR_09-23-13 (2)

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